The growth in vending has largely be driven by an increasing demand for the convenience of self service. Many businesses are looking to provide convenient snacks, beverages, complete meals and even Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff and customers in a self-serve environment.

Traditionally businesses will engage a 3rd party to supply, stock and manage this requirement. The alternative is to consider the benefits of an in-house solution that can be very cost effective while at the same time providing benefits for your business, your staff and your customers.

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They include;

  • Large Corporate Vending Machines
    • These machines are ideal for offices that have a lot of foot traffic. 

Here, you will find the Sorrento One Large. Where space is an issue we have the Sorrento Space Saver featuring a 90 degree opening door.  For something different, the Sorrento Touch 50 has a large 50” touch screen. It also has a shopping cart feature that enables purchasing many items in one transaction. All of our large vending machines offer up to 60 products per machine.

  • Medium Corporate Vending Machines
  • The Sorrento One provides for up to 48 selections. The Sorrento One Medium with a 90 degree door is also an option. A Sorrento Touch 40 has a 42” touch screen display. It has a shopping cart feature and a capacity of 48 products.
  • Small Corporate Vending Machines
      • We have one machine here, the Sorrento One Small, which offers a product range of up to 48 choices. It is ideal for offices that have moderate to high human traffic.
  • Locker Cabinet
    • It allows the vending of items too large  to fit in a vending machine. It can connect to a Sorrento vending machine. It offers a capacity of 19 selections, and each has LED illumination. Two locker Cabinets can be attached to a single vending machine.


Benefits You Will Get From Using Our Corporate Vending Machine

  1. You will get Free lifetime phone support and service for technical support.
  2. You will get a vending machine custom-built to the product you are offering and your pricing requirements.
  3. You also get the option of a dual-zone refrigerated cabinet with your vending machine.
  4. With our corporate vending machines, you will also get security features. For example, a vandalism-resistant exterior, coin slot, and delivery bin.
  5. You will also get the VendAssureTM system installed on our corporate vending machines. They guarantee product delivery using sensors.


How do I get an office vending machine?

You will need to figure out your office needs, choose a location, and contact Worldwide Vending for an excellent machine. After that, schedule an installation and finally dispense, dispense, dispense.


Corporate Vending Machine at Worldwide Vending

How Does Our Corporate Vending Machine Work


Worldwide Vending provides you with four types of corporate vending machines.


Do corporate vending machines need electricity?

Like any electrical appliance, they do need electricity. Worldwide Vending incorporates LED lighting in their vending machines to save energy.


Which is the best place to put an office vending machine?

You will want to put it in a spacious place and experience a lot of traffic. The area should also be handicap accessible. For example, large office hallways or the cafeteria

Large Corporate Vending Machines


Large Touch Screen Vending Machine


Large Glass Front Vending Machine

Medium Corporate Vending Machines


Medium Touch Screen Vending Machine


Medium Glass Front Vending Machine

Small Corporate Vending Machines


Small Glass Front Vending Machine

Locker Cabinet


Locker Cabinet Expansion for Vending Machine

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    When you buy from Worldwide, you get up to a full 12-month parts warranty and unlimited access to our technical support team. A manufacturer’s warranty will compliment your refrigeration purchase and, unlike rental options from others, Worldwide will provide full warranty and technical support for the term of your refrigeration rental.