Consumers are increasingly looking for healthier snack and meal options without giving up the convenience of self-service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our fresh food vending machines are great for corporate offices, factories, airports, educational facilities, fitness centres or any situation where a consumer may require a fast healthy snack or meal. These vending machines provide customers and employees with the convenience of healthier choices for snacks, fruit, salads, sandwiches and packaged meals.

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Work can become a little less productive in the afternoon when employees are still winding down from the delicious meal they had for lunch. This can quickly become a nightmare for you as an employer.

However, developing a work environment where people can enjoy meals while simultaneously increasing your company’s productivity and revenue is possible. The answer to that is a Fresh food vending machine.

Fresh food vending machines provide customers with an opportunity for their workers to enjoy healthy meals at work without leaving. The benefits of a vending machine can bring a great addition to your company, especially now that vending machine technology is advanced and many vending solutions are readily available.

Save Cost and Time with In-Office Food Vending

The convenience of using food vending machines in your workplace is one of the most important benefits. You don’t have to make your employees leave the office to get food and drink; instead, you can have them get it quickly and conveniently from an ideal location in the office.

Salads, snacks, and drinks are readily available, so your employees can remain at their desks and continue working efficiently.

Ideal for Every Workplace

Vending machines stocked with fresh food are highly recommended for use in educational facilities, hospitals, corporate offices, and fitness centres.

Vending Machines for Shift Workers

The food vending machine can also be a valuable benefit for employees who have multiple shifts or night employees who will have limited or less healthy choices for meals.

With our fresh vending machines, you can ensure that your staff is cheerful and alert throughout the day by providing them with high-quality meals during their work shifts.

When they get hungry any time of the day, your employees can quickly get fresh food and perform their best by simply walking over to the food vending machine.

Fresh Food Vending Machines for Healthier Lifestyle

Our fresh food vending machines can be customised to offer healthy meal options and healthier snack alternatives for businesses.

You can work with our fresh food vending machine partners to create healthier choices if you recognise the importance of health and wellness to employee satisfaction. This will encourage your employees to eat healthy at work and in their personal lives.

Choose From a Variety of Customized Options

Regardless of your company’s size or industry, there are countless food vending solutions available to you.

We have a lot of food vending machine experts that are ready to work with you on selecting the vending machine solution that is most suitable for your business’s requirements.

Small companies can choose a single fresh vending machine that serves a variety of beverages and snacks or a single salad vending machine for salads and fruits. You can also have a network of fresh food vending machines offering a wide range of fresh foods, packaged meals, and baked treats.

Enjoy Quality Customer Support and After-Sale Service with Our Fresh Food Vending Machine

When you use our food vending machine installation and maintenance service, you can save both time and money.

12-Month Warranty

Our machines come with a 12-month full parts warranty and unrestricted access to our technical support staff.

Unlimited Technical Support

We provide ‘lifetime’ free phone technical support for every fresh food vending machine unit purchased from us. If you need assistance with your equipment, you can call us between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on weekdays and we will respond to all your needs.

Take the first step to your healthier workplace by placing an order now!

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