Our wine cabinets are the perfect solution for any wine connoisseur. Elegantly designed and manufactured, they optimise the ideal natural conditions to store and protect your favourite wine.

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‘Best served chilled’ is not a simple instruction regarding wine. Wine lovers understand that true appreciation and enjoyment of wine is in the perfect storage and serving temperature.

Do you want to buy wine fridges for your wine collection? Our wine cabinets have been carefully crafted to provide optimal storage options for your wines.

Tested and Trusted Technology

Wine refrigeration is not an option, but a necessity if you sell wine. For your favourite wine to retain its colour, aroma, and taste without premature ageing, you must store it at an exact, constant temperature and humidity.

Our wine cabinets are designed with a technology that preserves the integrity of your wines. The optimum temperature is very stable and adjustable from 5⁰C to 12⁰C for a single zone cabinet. Dual zone cabinets have an adjustable temperature range of 5⁰C to 12⁰C for the top zone and 12⁰C to 22⁰C for the bottom zone. The regulated humidity is kept at 50%.

With the internal fan ensuring air circulation in the low vibration wine cabinet, your wines are in a natural element. The UV-blocking glass doors also prevent premature ageing. Our commercial wine fridges keep your wines in perfect condition with these features.

Different Storage Options for You

Wine lovers have varying needs due to differences like wine collection sizes and types of wine collected. At Worldwide Vending, we are prepared to meet these varying needs.

We have different sizes of wine coolers. You can buy a small size that fits under your bench or countertop. We also have wine refrigerators that are perfect for commercial purposes at Worldwide Vending.

We have double-zone refrigeration to store wine in different temperature zones. It helps you zone wine for different uses. You want to put some in wine storage and serve some bottles in the near future.

Buy the wine refrigerator that meets your needs from us!

Reliable Wine Refrigeration

Do you worry that buying your wine refrigerator online is a risky move? We understand why you might feel that way. That’s why we provide a 12-month warranty on all our wine cabinets.

This warranty is not only on paper. Our technical support team are always ready to solve any issues with your wine cabinet.

Buy reliable wine refrigeration from us!

Experienced After Sales Service

While your wine fridge might look almost like your regular fridge, it doesn’t exactly work the same way.

Even as a wine connoisseur, you might need help to figure out wine cabinets. However, you never have to worry when you purchase our wine cabinets. You can always talk to our experienced technicians between 7:30 am and 4 pm on weekdays at 1300 386 609.

Get wine cabinets that last with us!

Affordable for You

Are you worried your budget won’t be enough to purchase your dream wine cabinet? Our wine refrigerators are affordable. You get value for money spent on all our wine cabinets.

Worldwide Vending has everything you want from your wine cabinet – quality equipment, airtight warranty, technical support, and affordable products. Every wine lover should have one of our wine fridges for their precious wine.

Buy the best wine refrigerator in Australia from us!

Single Zone Wine Cabinets


Single Zone Wine Cabinet

SORRENTO 50 Underbar

Single Zone Wine Cabinet


Single Zone Wine Cabinet


Single Zone Wine Cabinet

Dual Zone Wine Cabinets


Dual Zone Wine Cabinet

SORRENTO 50 Underbar

Dual Zone Wine Cabinet


Dual Zone Wine Cabinet


Dual Zone Wine Cabinet

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