Available in various sizes, our range of bar refrigerators are great value without sacrificing performance.

Commercial Bar Refrigeration


Worldwide Vending and Refrigeration is Australia’s largest supplier of rental commercial refrigerators. We sell and rent commercial refrigerators of various sizes, designs, and configurations. 

We have bar refrigerators with one door, two doors, and three doors in various designs for sale or rent. 

All our bar refrigerators are crafted and designed to the highest standards. Get one for yourself right away at the best price!


Standard Commercial Bar Refrigerators


Our refrigerators feature LED Lighting and glass doors that can be locked so that you can display all of your food items attractively.

If you are looking for stylish commercial bar refrigerators that offer performance and durability at the best price, you can trust us.


Bar Refrigerator with Hinged and Sliding Doors


We provide hinged and sliding door alternatives for sale, so you can choose the fridges or freezers that best suit your needs. We also deliver refrigerators that you can hide beneath benches and counters.

Our fridges and freezers are designed to be opened and closed at a consistent rate to accommodate busy business locations and they will maintain a steady temperature to keep your drinks cold and ready to serve at all times.

Each refrigerator has a digital temperature controller and a built-in auto defrost with an evaporation system. These features help to keep the freezers maintain their cold temperature all day.


Stylish Commercial Bar Fridges


Our commercial bar fridges come with an elegant finish. They look just as beautiful in a shop or restaurant. They are also suitable for outdoor entertainment or homes, where they may serve as a beer fridge or beverages cooler.


Environmentally Friendly Commercial Bar Fridges


We do not only offer the best fridges in the industry, but we also offer stylish commercial bar fridges that are safe for the environment.

Our commercial bar refrigerators come with ozone-safe R600a gas. That way, they don’t contribute to ozone layer depletion and are, therefore, friendly to the environment.


We Deliver Our Bar Refrigerators Across Australia.


We deliver our commercial bar refrigerators all around Australia. Whether you have a shop in Melbourne or your company has a restaurant in Sydney, we can deliver your stylish commercial bar refrigeration unit to you.


After-Delivery Service


Worldwide Vending & Refrigeration includes “lifetime” free telephone technical assistance renting every new commercial bar refrigeration unit.

Suppose you require assistance or are experiencing a problem with your Worldwide-rented commercial refrigeration. In that case, you can contact us on weekdays between 7.30 a.m. and 4.00 p.m.

We will assist with resolving your issue promptly over the phone where possible, free of charge. We also provide free instructions on how to operate your new fridges or freezers, either at the time of initial rental or at any time in the future, at your location.


Warranty and Support


When you purchase new commercial bar fridges from us, you receive up to a 12-month warranty on parts and labour and unrestricted access to our technical support staff.

Bar Fridges


Double Door Bar Fridge


Three Door Bar Fridge

Bar Freezers


Double Door Bar Freezer


Three Door Bar Freezer

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    The highest quality machines, backed by best technology and support in the industry.


    From the outside, all Vending or Refrigeration equipment companies may look the same; it’s often only after the sale, when you most need help & assistance, do you start to notice the difference.


    Start with the right solution! Talk to our experienced team about your requirements and they will assist you with making the right decision for your business. We have a range of products from various manufacturers that we believe are the best in their own class.


    Included with your purchase or rental of every new vending machine or commercial refrigeration unit from Worldwide Vending & Refrigeration is ‘life time’ free phone technical support.

    If you are in need of help or having a problem with your vending machine or commercial refrigeration that was purchased or is rented from Worldwide, please give us a call on 1300 386 609 between 7.30am & 4.00 pm weekdays. Some problems can be dealt with immediately over the phone with your help and assistance! There’s never any charge for this service.

    We also give you free training on how to operate your new equipment should you need it – at time of purchase or anytime in the future at our premises.


    When you buy your vending machine from other suppliers, you get a ‘limited’ warranty with little to no technical support. When you buy from us you get up to a full 12 month parts warranty and unlimited access to our technical support team.

    A manufacturer’s warranty will compliment your refrigeration purchase and, unlike rental options from others, Worldwide will provide full warranty and technical support for the term of your refrigeration rental.