Provide a full range of products to your customers with drinks and snacks in a single combination Vending Machine.

These versatile glass front vending machines dispense a range of products including chocolates, chips and drinks, as well as healthy options for drinks and snacks.

The dual-zone refrigerated cabinet can be customised for various drink and snack combinations.

High-end vending machines are growing in popularity. Create an eye-catching machine that serves up juice, chocolates, and healthy snacks to people on their way to work in a busy work area.


With a variety of drinks and snacks on offer, our combination vending machine is a real crowd-pleaser. Save time, save money on your orders here with our expansive range.

Why Trust Worldwide Vending & Refrigeration

Worldwide Vending is a one-stop shop for all your vending needs. We’re the trusted supplier of commercial vending machines, with a proven commitment to quality, service, and customer satisfaction. We’ve been serving businesses since 2006 Australia-wide with customized solutions for all your commercial vending needs.


We’ve got the latest technologies and offer a wide range of choices to suit any budget. Our team is dedicated to providing you worldwide with the best vending machines, supplies, and services.


Why Invest in a Combination Vending Machine?

A combo vending machine is a vending machine that can offer multiple items in one purchase. It’s great for companies that need to provide a variety of products to their customers and make it convenient for them to buy.


Advantages of investing in combo vending machines includes: 


  • Self-service with less maintenance 
  • Easy to use
  • Accessible and convenient to use
  • Customized options and selections available
  • Saves time and money
  • No overhead costs
  • Promoting healthier food options is easier


Vending machines also help businesses generate more cash flow while adding a fun culture in the work. These benefits add a lot of unique features and advantages for your business.

Combo Vending Machines by Worldwide Vending and Refrigeration

Our sizeable range of products are able to cater to any need. With our extensive range of equipment and service offerings, we can provide you with the best commercial vending machine and features for a wide variety of applications.


All of our machines are manufactured from high-quality materials, ensuring they don’t break down quickly. The commercial vending machines we manufacture are highly efficient and reliable, offering you with great experience and ROI for years to come. From the moment you order your new vending machine to when your customers are enjoying the fruits of your labor – we’re with you every step of the way.


Your Genuine Partner for Business

Worldwide Vending & Refrigeration prides itself with its reliable, experienced and dedicated staff. Our  team can help you arrive at the right decision in choosing the best vending machine for your business. 


The best part? We provide the service and support that you need to keep your vending machines profitable and working in full capacity onsite. We offer maintenance and equipment uptime services after sales. We understand that dealing with commercial vending machines is a big investment, so we’ll always be here to help you find a solution – no matter what the problem is.


This is what makes Worldwide Vending & Refrigeration different from other companies. We offer a high level of service and support to your equipment and to your business.


Large Combination Vending Machines


Large Touch Screen Vending Machine


Large Glass Front Vending Machine


Large Glass Front Vending Machine

Medium Combination Vending Machines


Medium Touch Screen Vending Machine


Medium Glass Front Vending Machine


Medium Glass Front Vending Machine

Small Combination Vending Machines


Small Glass Front Vending Machine

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Vending Machine Locker Cabinet

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    The highest quality machines, backed by the best technology and support in the industry.

    Its our Support and Service that makes the Difference

    From the outside, all vending and refrigeration equipment companies may look the same; it’s often only after the sale, when you most need help & assistance, that you start to notice the difference.

    Professional Advice with Industry Leading Products

    Start with the right solution! Talk to our experienced team about your requirements and they will assist you with making the right decision. We have a range of products that we believe are the best in their own class.


    Included with your purchase or rental of every new vending machine or refrigeration unit from Worldwide Vending & Refrigeration is ‘lifetime’ free phone technical support. Please give us a call on 1300 386 609 between 7:30am & 4:00pm weekdays if you are having problems or require assistance with your equipment.


    When you buy from Worldwide, you get up to a full 12-month parts warranty and unlimited access to our technical support team. A manufacturer’s warranty will compliment your refrigeration purchase and, unlike rental options from others, Worldwide will provide full warranty and technical support for the term of your refrigeration rental.