Available in various sizes, our fleet of upright commercial display freezers are of the highest quality and renowned for their reliability.

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Do you have a small space that no chest freezer seems to fit? But you still need to keep all your frozen goods cold and preserved. It’s time to start considering something other than chest freezers. 

What you need is a commercial upright freezer. With this type of freezer, you don’t have to worry about organisation or space. 

Our Worldwide Vending services have you covered!

Choose the Size

Upright freezers come in different sizes. While there are no hard and fast rules to freezer size, you will have to consider the storage space you need. 

A business will demand a large capacity for all the frozen items. You can estimate that two litres of freezer space will hold one kilogram of food. 

You should also consider the installation process and available floor space in choosing your upright freezer. The upright freezer must fit into the door and stand comfortably. You get to choose between single-door freezers or double-door freezers. 

Ensure that you buy an upright freezer a little smaller than the floor space you have. We have different sizes of upright freezers. You can let us know the dimensions you need today!


Get the Best Upright Freezers

Beyond getting the right size and energy efficiency, several factors make for the best upright freezer. You may want an upright freezer with an interior LED lighting, digital controller, vast internal compartments, touchscreen, easy cleaning, door alarm and so on.  

The bells and whistles that make the popular upright freezers can be somewhat endless. But, we have the upright freezer with the exact features your business needs. 


Frost Free Freezers

Modern advanced frost-free technology is one of those features that everyone wants to have. This technology saves you the elbow grease of manually defrosting your freezer. We can get you upright freezers with this feature. 

Keep your frozen foods constantly cool without worrying about frost with our freezers!


Buy Energy-Efficient Upright Freezers

More than the easy access to your upright freezer, you need the right energy efficiency. Freezers require more energy than fridges to keep your foods frozen. 

So, you should check the upright freezer’s energy rating before purchasing. Note that the lower the energy rating, the more energy the freezer consumes, which might cost you in the long run.

Worldwide Vending only stocks upright freezers with a high energy rating. You never have to worry about energy consumption with our upright freezers.

So, buy or rent an energy-efficient upright freezer from our collection today.


Durability and After Sales Service

A great upright freezer has multiple drawers for easy compartmentalisation, takes less floor space, and is easily accessible. With our upright freezers at Worldwide Vending, you get more than a great upright freezer. 

We provide a full 12-month warranty on all our new upright freezers. You also get after-sales services with professional advice from our experienced team whether you’re buying matching upright fridges or chest freezers. We don’t just leave you to make your choice. We help you make the best choice.

Buy or rent upright freezers from us today!

Upright Refrigeration

Commercial upright fridges and freezers are an essential piece of equipment for any enterprise serving the food service industry. These refrigerators and freezers are ideal for storing ready-to-eat meals for later consumption. Worldwide Vending and Refrigeration is where you can locate the top commercial fridges and freezers on the market.

Our fridges and freezers have been created for the sole purpose of maintaining a constant, optimal temperature for your products. You can stock up on frozen foods in anticipation of future needs.

We have affordable and high-quality commercial upright fridges for businesses across Australia. You can browse our range of upright fridges in Australia and make your purchases. Start placing orders immediately to increase revenue.

Commercial Upright Fridges with Storage Shelves

On the inside, our upright freezers have storage shelves that aid in the systematic stacking and arranging of products. Your food will be within easy reach, and you can organise product according to your requirements.

Commercial Upright Fridges with Glass Doors

Our commercial upright refrigeration units come with either one or two doors. The two-door configuration is especially useful for storing a lot of items in one convenient space.

The refrigerator’s split-door design allows for quick access to stock without compromising the temperature within the fridge. The commercial grade glass door protects the content of the upright fridge while also allowing you to see your items.

That means you have freezers that use less energy while maintaining the ideal temperature for storing your food.

Get the Appropriate Commercial Upright Fridges for Your Business

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet found the perfect commercial upright freezer or refrigerator. Worldwide Vending and Refrigeration has got you covered with our extensive product catalogue. Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to give you advice on choosing the most appropriate choice for your day-to-day needs.

Investing in new appliances for a commercial kitchen can be a significant financial commitment. But with Worldwide Vending , we ensure that you select the proper equipment with confidence.

Warranty and Support for Your Upright Fridges in Australia

We stand out from other commercial upright fridges vendors in terms of after-sales service.

Unlike other refrigeration suppliers that offer limited warranties with little technical support, we offer the full manufacturer’s warranty and unlimited technical assistance.

See the Variety of Commercial Upright Refrigeration Units We Offer

Worldwide Vending and Refrigeration has various options of commercial upright fridges and freezers for rent or sale at the best prices. Our commercial upright fridges are suited for your café, ice cream shop, restaurant, and bakery.

Our prompt and reliable delivery of your equipment, as well as our willingness to work with you to resolve any issues that may arise, will help you keep your stress levels down and your business running smoothly.

If you want to grow your company, our experienced staff are here to provide assistance at every step of the way. Make sure you get in touch with us right away!

Single Solid Door Freezer


Single Solid Door Freezer

Double Solid Door Freezer


Double Solid Door Upright Freezer

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    The highest quality machines, backed by best technology and support in the industry.


    From the outside, all Vending or Refrigeration equipment companies may look the same; it’s often only after the sale, when you most need help & assistance, do you start to notice the difference.


    Start with the right solution! Talk to our experienced team about your requirements and they will assist you with making the right decision for your business. We have a range of products from various manufacturers that we believe are the best in their own class.


    Included with your purchase or rental of every new vending machine or commercial refrigeration unit from Worldwide Vending & Refrigeration is ‘life time’ free phone technical support.

    If you are in need of help or having a problem with your vending machine or commercial refrigeration that was purchased or is rented from Worldwide, please give us a call on 1300 386 609 between 7.30am & 4.00 pm weekdays. Some problems can be dealt with immediately over the phone with your help and assistance! There’s never any charge for this service.

    We also give you free training on how to operate your new equipment should you need it – at time of purchase or anytime in the future at our premises.


    When you buy your vending machine from other suppliers, you get a ‘limited’ warranty with little to no technical support. When you buy from us you get up to a full 12 month parts warranty and unlimited access to our technical support team.

    A manufacturer’s warranty will compliment your refrigeration purchase and, unlike rental options from others, Worldwide will provide full warranty and technical support for the term of your refrigeration rental.