Manage all your Touch Series machines, quick and easy, at any location

Australia’s first Vending Machine Management System (VMMS) is available for the Sorrento Touch Series. The Touch series can be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or sim card which allows connection to the VMMS. Control, update and manage your products and media on your Sorrento Touch machine through the VMMS.

Advertising Management

  • Store your content in the media library
  • Set and control how you want your content played
  • Content can then be uploaded to any of your vending machines

Operation Management

  • View and export real time inventory levels of each machine
  • Change and view the real time cabinet temperature of your machine
  • View your machine status
  • Set and change the inventory levels of your products

Product Management

  • View a product sales graph over a time period
  • Easily view your best selling products and locations
  • Load, store and adjust all of your products and product information including pricing and product sizes
  • Ability to add sales promotions on products


  • Real time amount of cash in the machine by bank note and coin
  • View transaction details by product, payment type, time of purchase, price and more
  • View a sales report by day, month, year or a customised date range
  • View a sales graph by day, month, year or a customised date range

VMMS Compatible Machines


Large Touch Screen Vending Machine


Medium Touch Screen Vending Machine

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