With the introduction of our frozen vending machine, you can now vend frozen items such as ice creams, frozen meat, and frozen meals. This machine is capable of dispensing products in a wide range of packaging’s.

Frozen Vending Machines

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Large Touch Screen Frozen Vending Machine

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    From the outside, all vending and refrigeration equipment companies may look the same; it’s often only after the sale, when you most need help & assistance, that you start to notice the difference.

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    Included with your purchase or rental of every new vending machine or refrigeration unit from Worldwide Vending & Refrigeration is ‘lifetime’ free phone technical support. Please give us a call on 1300 386 609 between 7:30am & 4:00pm weekdays if you are having problems or require assistance with your equipment.


    When you buy from Worldwide, you get up to a full 12-month parts warranty and unlimited access to our technical support team. A manufacturer’s warranty will compliment your refrigeration purchase and, unlike rental options from others, Worldwide will provide full warranty and technical support for the term of your refrigeration rental.

    Are you tired of only taking a coffee on those early mornings? Do you want to give your customers more with ease? A frozen food vending machine is the answer.

    With frozen meal vending machines, you can offer a wide array of food options. Employees can also enjoy varying meal options at any time.

    Get a frozen vending machine from us today!

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    More Taste without Stress

    Frozen food vending machines add more variation to your vending offerings. You can stock it with ice creams, roast dinners, pasta meals, sausages, pies, sandwiches, and burgers.

    With more meals, you can increase efficiency at your workplace. A frozen product vending machine might be the boost your small business needs to make more sales. A product mix of favourite brands will bring people to the vending machine in no time.

    Get more by investing in one of our frozen food vending machines Australia!

    Perfect for Everywhere

    You can put a frozen food vending machine in any location of choice. You will find one that looks good in your office, dormitory, or lobby. Our touch screen vending machines make for a beautiful display. It is also convenient for choosing from the different options.
    Make an incredible addition to your space with our valuable vending machines!

    Custom Vending Machines

    At Worldwide Vending, we provide different configurations of frozen food vending machines.

    No matter the frozen food vending machine solution you seek, we will have a solution for you.

    Energy Efficient Vending Machines

    Do you know a frozen vending machine would be a valuable addition but can’t handle extra energy costs? Then, you will love our energy-efficient models.

    You don’t have to raise a high electricity bill because you have frozen vending machines. Our models are long-lasting and green.

    An Array of Unbeatable Features

    Our frozen vending machines are more than just a freezer to sell frozen meals. You have the option to provide slideshow advertising via a screen saver function.

    You program the vending machine using the cloud based vending machine management platform.

    Our vending machines accept credit cards. You never have to worry about handling and managing cash.

    So, why don’t you try our extremely reliable vending machines today?

    Delivery and Installation

    Are you worried about all the stress a delivery service for your frozen food vending machine might entail? You don’t have to worry about that with us!

    Our service includes delivery and installation anywhere in Australia. You only have to tell us where you are.

    Our expert technicians will set up the vending machine for you before delivery. Our service also includes a help desk with free telephone support.

    Buy a frozen food vending machine from us today!